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Harpist Cindy “Cindy, chosen by the governor of Queensland, gave a harp performance for Queen Elizabeth II at a private luncheon at the South Bank River Room on the 24th of October 2011”
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Learning Affordable Irish Harp In Brisbane
Brisbane Harpist, Cindy is a very experienced, qualified harp teacher. Cindy studied at Queensland Conservatorium of Music, and the University of Auckland, School of Music. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music in harp performance. She enjoys teaching and has a very patient approach with all ages. She charges a very reasonable and affordable tuition fee.

Cindy teaches harp in Brisbane from 6 years old to adults of any age, even 60+ years old, and to anyone with a non music background or those with a different music background. Hire a harp is available in Brisbane to start learning. If you find that you are strongly interested in learning the harp further, then you should consider buying your own harp.

Harp Lesson Gift Vouchers Available! Please contact Cindy

Brisbane Harpist Cindy Shih
About Learning The Harp
• Everyone who is interested in the harp can learn. The suggested age is six plus up to any age.

• It's not as difficult as you think to learn the harp. In fact the begining sounds that you can make are very encouraging.

• If you love harp, you will enjoy playing the harp very much.

• It is a very relaxing instrument to learn

• It's very important to have a good teacher who teaches the correct hand positions & technique, and who has a responsibility to teach in the correct way, with patience.

• You will be able to begin to play famous tunes in a short time.

• There will be opportunities for students to perform in Brisbane as a soloist or ensemble. (It's fun and a good experience).

• You also can take grade exams if you wish.
  Para-celtic harps by harp maker Geoff Welham, NSW
Para-Celtic harps by harp maker - Geoff Welham, New South Wales

Andrew Thom's harp, Tasmania
Andrew Thom's harp, Tasmania

For more information about harp lessons, please contact Cindy.

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